Two Year Warranty and Service Policy
Equipment manufactured by Hannay Reels, Inc. is guaranteed for two years from date of shipment when installed according to our instructions, given proper care, and used for the purpose for which it is intended.

Equipment, which proves to be defective upon our inspection, will be replaced or repaired free of charge, including return freight to the customer. Our responsibility ceases upon delivery to any common carrier and we do not, unless previously instructed, insure shipments beyond point of delivery to such carrier. No material will be accepted for return without a return goods authorization. No allowance will be made for labor or other expenses incurred in making exchanges, replacements, or repairs.

Components such as motors and hoses that are manufactured by other vendors will be subject to the warranty terms of those manufacturers. Also excluded from general guarantee are normal wear items, including seals, motor brushes, and paint finish.

We reserve the right to modify or alter materials, dimensions, design, and construction when necessary to improve the performance of the reel and/or accessories, or to meet delivery requirements.

Failure to use a properly sized circuit breaker with any electric rewind motor will void warranty on motor. Failure to use a flexible connector with any live hose reel will void warranty on swivel joint.

We expressly disclaim any liability for damage or injuries resulting from the use, operation, service, maintenance, or failure of equipment.