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REQUEST A QUOTE - Step 1 (Basic Reel Info)
Type of Reel:* Hose, Single (Flow-thru or Live) Cable (Live or Powered)
Hose, Twin (Flow-thru or Live) Cable (Storage ONLY, not Live)
Hose (Storage ONLY, not Live)
Primary Rewind:* Motor (Electric 12v DC) Manual / Hand Crank
Motor (Electric 24v DC) Spring Rewind
Motor (Electric 115v) Motor (Air/Pneumatic)
Motor (Electric 230v) Motor (Hydraulic)
Motor (Other, Specify)
Spring Reel Location:* Lift (Ceiling) Mount, Roller Position - VR
Drag (Truck, Bench or Post) Mount, Roller Position - SR or TR
Constant Tension (No Ratchet Lock Assembly)
Specify Roller Preference - SR/TR/VR if known:
Reel Construction:* Painted Steel (Default) Stainless Steel
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Accessories or Additional Features (ex: Guide Rollers, Backup Auxiliary Crank Rewind, Speed Control):